Indians News · Updated Ticket Protocol 11/25/20

Parents and athletes, I am sure you all heard the recommendation from the Governor yesterday.  This morning our superintendents from our league met and came up with a plan for the league. What came out of that meeting moving forward starting tomorrow is: Only two tickets per player home and away.  The two tickets that are used, are to be used by Parents or Guardians only.  At the high school we will have a list at the ticket tabel where parents will check in.  When you drop your ticket in the ticket bucket you will tell the ticket person what player you are with and who you are. For away games we will check you off when your son or daughter purchases the tickets at our school. Tickets are 2 per household, for teams that have siblings, you still only get 2 tickets per household, not the 2 per that we had before. Cheerleaders will not travel at any level and will cheer home games only. At the MS level, we will only allow two passes for each game home or away and those are for Parents or Guardians only.  Your tan passes are no longer any good at this time (Hold on to them in case we change).  The only tickets that work will be Green pass for 7th grade boys and Blue pass for 8th grade boys.  Orange Pass for 7th grade girls and Yellow pass for 8th grade girls. Burnt Orange for Cheer I know this seems pretty harsh and I am sure siblings, grandparents, friends and other family members would like to see the games, unfortunately after the Governor made his recommendation yesterday, this is what our league came up with.  We will be streaming all of our high school games from our youtube channel.  The game links will be posted on the web.  At this time we will be doing all home games and are going to try and do the away games as well, but for the away games, you can visit to find the away games streaming channel. Thanks for all of your support of our athletes so far this year and Go Indians!

Thank you,
Joe Staley
Rittman Exempted Village Schools Administration